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Pearl Necklaces - Silver - Baroque Pearl Necklace With Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp - AA+
Pearl Necklaces - Silver - Baroque Pearl Necklace With Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp - AA+
Pearl Necklaces - Silver - Baroque Pearl Necklace With Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp - AA+

Baroque Pearl Necklace with Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp - AA+

Baroque pearls are such a fun option for a necklace and increasingly sought after as the first choice for a fashionable look. The irregular shapes strung together create an interesting piece of jewellery that catches the attention of viewers, and the colour choices and lustre equal that of more traditional oval pearl shape. We think the princess length baroque pearl necklace is a brilliant statement piece and deserves to be included in every jewellery box.

  • Pearl Necklace
  • Pearl Type – Freshwater
  • Pearl Shape – Baroque
  • Pearl Grade – AA+
  • Pearl Size – 10 to 12 mm
  • Pearl Colours – White, Black and Pastel Mix
  • Clasp – Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp
  • Length – 17 inches / 43 centimetres

Necklaces made up from baroque pearls are all the rage, with celebrities such as Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow having both been recently photographed wearing exquisite strings of baroque pearls, as such they are seeing a well-deserved rise in popularity. The beauty of baroque pearls lies with the uniqueness of the shapes, no two are going to be the same, they each have a distinct form and feel which is unparalleled. Baroque pearls will never be called boring or clichéd.

We work closely with pearl farmers in Asia where the pearls are cultured in bodies of freshwater, this allows us to have first pick of any harvested pearls. The pearls are first sorted and graded before being delivered to our jewellers, these are then further inspected , graded, sorted, matched and then finally used in a piece of pearl jewellery. The process has been refined over many years, which means we are experts at picking out the very best pearls with the very best qualities such as lustre and size. We might be biased but we believe we’re very good at identifying the perfect pearls for your necklace.
This particular baroque pearl necklace is available in several colour choices, so if you’re after a white, pastel mix or black pearl necklace, we’ve got you covered. Whichever one you prefer is down to your personal preference, there is not right or wrong colour choice. We’re particularly fond of the black pearl necklace option, the depth of subtle colours needs to be seen to be believed, but if we could, we’d have them all. The white is the perfect complement to your skin, the pastel mix brings a touch of colour to the neckline and the black option is mysterious and classy. Whichever you choose you’re in for a treat.

The necklace is considered to be the perfect length for pearls, sitting pretty at 43cm (17 inches). This is called the princess length and works very well with a range of necklines, whether they are low or high, the necklace will suit the look. When worn, the necklace will sit on the upper most part of the chest, so whether you’re off to a bridal party dressed to the nines, or you’re simply heading down to the pub in a comfortable top, the length will compliment your look well.

We simply love pearls and hope that you will appreciate them as much as we do, so if you’re looking for an up and coming star of the pearl jewellery world, try a baroque pearl necklace on for size, we’re sure it will not disappoint.

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