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Black Double Strand Pearl Choker Necklace with Silver Clasp - AA

Black Pearl Choker - Double Strand - AA 6mm Round Pearls - Sterling Silver Clasp

This Black Pearl Choker Necklace is an essential accessory for your jewellery box, it’s a classic look with a fun colour choice and is easy to pair with a variety of styles or clothing options. So whether you’re to buy a bargain for yourself, you’re buying for someone else, or you’re looking for an alternative for your bridal jewellery, this is an option that most certainly should be considered. 

  • Pearl Type – Freshwater Cultured Pearl
  • Pearl Shape - Round
  • Pearl Grade - AA
  • Pearl Size - 6mm
  • Pearl Colour – Black with subtle hues of green and blue
  • Clasp - Sterling Silver Tube Clasp
  • Length - 15 inches / 38 centimetres – Choker Length

This gorgeous black pearl necklace has been constructed from near perfectly round freshwater cultured pearls, expertly strung together by our master jewellers and finished with a sterling silver tube clasp.  The pearls have been handpicked and graded for each and every necklace, this allows for the jeweller to ensure the necklace is consistent and off high quality.  The necklace is made from black pearls of AA grade, this means that the pearls have a very high lustre and are largely free from imperfections; it’s an excellent choice for most people as it can be very difficult to spot the difference between AA and AAA unless trained to do so.

Black pearls are a wonderful alternative to white or the other commonly available pastel pearl colours; they display a depth and range of subtle colours not available in most other pearl colour choices.  If you move the pearl necklace around you’ll see the colours change ever so slightly, hinting at hidden depths of blues, greens, red and other colours.  It’s difficult to define the colours exactly as they change with the type of lighting available and the angle and distance the pearls are held at, needless to say they need to be seen to be believed and in our opinion are one of the more exciting pearl colour choices.

The pearls in these necklaces are ~6mm, which offers an excellent compromise between size and cost.  As the size and quality of the pearls goes up the cost also goes up exponentially.  I believe that 6mm is a perfect option, allowing for the pearl necklace to offer a delicate balance on the neck that is not always achievable with other size options.

Sterling Silver has been used to finish the necklace with an exquisite tube clasp, providing an elegant fitting which sits comfortably on the back of the neck.

The choker pearl necklace is a superb choice when worn with a plunging neckline or when combined with off the shoulder dresses, and this necklace is no exception.  We’ve seen it worn to great effect at the office Christmas party coupled with a little black dress, but we think it would work well with other dress options and colours as well.  An adventurous bride might consider a black pearl necklace as an option that’s a bit different but also contains traditional elements, how you choose finish your look on your wedding day is of course entirely up to you.

All things considered we think the Double Strand Black Pearl Choker Necklace is an excellent choice, offering real value for money for a necklace which could easily cost twice as much.  The look and design are timeless and offer a range of flexible wearing options, it most definitely should be part of any jewellery lovers collection and at this price it’s also a bargain.

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